Capers are small buds with close to zero calories. They contain antioxidants and vitamins which are super friendly to your health. Due to the fact that capers are brined, they are also chock-full of sodium. Tender caper shoots, caper buds, and caper leaves are a delicious addition to many a recipe.
It grows throughout the Mediterranean and its spicy, intense, and slightly bitter taste is owed to the mustard oil it contains which is released via the plant’s tissues.
Capers reign supreme only when pickled because the brine they are immersed in leads to the formation of capric acid which is precisely what gives capers their characteristic flavor.
Greece is the only country where capers are also prepared in a way other than the ordinary one: on the island of Santorini, capers are sun-dried until they harden completely and acquire a light blond color.

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