Alexandros Papandreou

Born and raised in Athens,

I’ve always considered myself lucky: I’ve known what I wanted to do in life ever since I was a small child. Cooking was my dream and that was that. That dream came true when I became a Sous-Chef at Ballade Restaurant, Athens, where I worked for almost a year. I furthered my education at École Ferrandi, the French School for Culinary Arts in Paris. The school provided me with the necessary background and expertise in an organized environment which combined impressive infrastructures with great potential for its students.

Once I had completed my studies, my internship took me to the Hôtel Plaza Athénée in Paris and the Connaught in London and allowed me to probe into the actual dimension of the culinary art and become a chef.

My thesis proved my ticket to the U.S.A. and Johnson & Wales University in particular where I taught Principles of French Cuisine to freshmen. Teaching was a fantastic experience for me. For six months I experienced every day the magic of conveying knowledge to people who loved cooking and were willing to learn at the very same time that I learned from them.

At the Johnson & Wales University, I also attended food styling courses, a specialization that greatly contributed to my subsequent professional course and engagement with the media.

My return to Greece meant hard work in restaurants as Executive Chef (Chef de Cuisine), on TV, and in the printed press, as well as collaborations with leading companies in the industry. Today, along with the rest of my professional activities, I have focused on the new space housing my company, Alexandros Papandreou.

I sincerely hope that browsing around my website will allow you to sample some of what you’ve read about me so far…

Alexandros Papandreou