eliopites 300x200



xronos proetimasias

Prep Time

20 min

xronos psisimatos

Cook Time

1 hr




Serves 8

2 kg all-purpose flour
250 ml sunflower oil
250 ml olive oil
1 kg pitted olives sliced (reserve a few whole ones)
1 bundle fresh coriander finely chopped
2 tbsp fresh mint finely chopped
2 onions grated
100g sourdough starter

In your mixer’s bowl and using the dough hook attachment knead together at low speed the flour and sunflower and olive oils (traditionally that process was carried out using a large, wooden kneading trough).
When the flour has absorbed the oils, add the water gradually, until dough is medium hard. When the dough is smooth and has the desired texture, add the sourdough starter and knead until fully incorporated into the dough.
Remove dough from mixer bowl and place in a large bowl. Add the olives, finely chopped coriander, mint, and grated onions. Knead dough again carefully until all ingredients are thoroughly mixed.
Cut the dough into mini round loaves and cover for at least 1 hour until they rise. When the eliopites have doubled in size, bake for 1 hour in a wood-fired oven.